pebble beach entry 


We wanted the space enclosed as it would be a perfect sunroom and grand entry to the house. We found antique seating and had them recovered in mohair and beautiful Anachini Tapestry. 

The entry door was made by our talented woodworker off a sketch I did, and is solid mahogany. We found a beautiful handmade arabesque tile that we used as wainscoting along the walls, and did a crisscross pattern in two different color limestone for the floor.

Paul Ferrante lanterns line the breezway, antique tapestries and massive antique candle holders give it a European touch along with the antique sconces and Venetian pole lights at the living room doorway.

The curtains are all Sunbrella fabric for the sun (see my blog) and help with sun control.

We still need to get a large console or massive table for under the large mirror (up against the wall) It needs to be just the right size and scale so still looking...